Research and Projects


The majority of my undergraduate research was conducted on the AutoRally project ( The AutoRally platform is an 1/5th scale autonomous car for advanced perception and controls, capable of performing aggressive maneuvers on off-road terrain. I first joined this project during the Summer after my freshman year, working with Dr. James Rehg. Since then, I have continued working on the project under Dr. Panagiotis Tsiotras. This project was one of the main reasons why I entered the autonomous vehicle space for my career.

Georgia Tech Systems Research

The first lab I joined as an undergraduate student. With Georgia Tech Systems Research (GTSR), I worked under Dr. Fumin Zhang and Qiuyang Tao, a PhD student. I had some of my earliest experiences with robotics in this lab. With GTSR, I learned how to solder, designed my first PCB with Eagle, wrote my first Arduino program to facilitate RF communication, and led my own deep learning project for the first time.


Georgia Tech’s Competitive Robotics Team ( RoboJackets was the first club I joined at Georgia Tech, and I have been involved since my first semester of Freshman year.

Brain Image Segmentation

My first computer vision project that didn’t involve any robots.

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